What are the types of filter cotton?

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According to the efficiency, air filter cotton is divided into two types: primary filter cotton and medium effect filter cotton. According to different materials, it is divided into four types: synthetic fiber filter cotton, non-woven filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton and activated carbon filter cotton.

Everyone knows that the air contains a lot of dust particles, and the role of air filter cotton is mainly to filter the dust particles in the air. According to the national standard (GB/T14295), the air filter cotton can be divided into: initial (coarse) effect, medium effect, according to the European standard can be divided into: G1, G2, G3, G4, F5, F6, F7, F8.

The primary filter cotton mainly filters dust particles larger than 5μm, which is commonly used in ventilation equipment and air control system suction port as the center of direct contact with outdoor air such as pre-filtration or coarse filtration; also used for plate filter, folding plate filter Filter material for filter equipment such as bag filters.

Medium-effect filter cotton mainly filters dust particles larger than 1μm, which is commonly used for secondary or final filtration after coarse filtration, and is also used for filter materials of plate filters. Commonly used in the exterior coating industry, specially designed for the end of the spray booth. It is made of high-performance hot-melt non-woven fabric composed of anti-fracture synthetic fibers. It adopts an incremental structure, which is the fiber density in the direction of pure air. Gradually increase, the filtration efficiency is also increased, and the service life is longer.

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